PHD Theses Supervised and Current Students


1.        Byungyoung Lee, expected to graduate in 2009, area of research: sensor networks.

2.        Kamal Taha, expected to graduate in 2009, area of research: distributed XML, XML caching.

3.        Jae Sung Choi, expected to graduate in 2009 or 2010, area of research: sensor networks, RFID.

4.        Hyun Lee, expected to graduate in 2009 or 2010, area of research: data fusion, sensor networks, RFID.

5.        Charley Li, (part-time) expected to graduate in 2009 or 1010, area of research: XML indexing.

6.        S.Balachandar, (part-time) expected to graduate in 2009 or 1010, area of research: multimedia databases.

7.        Feng Ji, Dissertation Title: Enhanced Bioinformatics Data Modeling Concepts and Their Use in Querying and Integration, December 2008.

8.        Kyungseo Park, Dissertation Title: Architectures and Methods for Energy-Efficient Querying and indexing in Wireless Sensor Networks, August 2008.

9.        Sheng-Chieh Jack Fu, Dissertation Title: A Multi-Level Biomedical Ontology-Enabled Broker for Dynamic Service-Based Data Source Integration, August 2008.

10.     Hyoil Han, Dissertation Title: Conceptual Modeling and Ontology Extraction for Web Information, August 2002, currently at Drexel University.

11.     Damla Turgut, (co-supervisor with S.Das), Dissertation Title: Efficient Algorithms and Protocols for Stability Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, May 2002, currently at University of Central Florida.

12.     Mutsumi Nakamura, Dissertation Title: Formal Characterizations for Active Database Specification, Verification, and Maintainability, December 2001, currently at Arizona State University.

13.     Jason Dongwon Kwak, Dissertation Title: An Asynchronous Data Transport Protocol for Non-Interactive Data Processing Over the Internet, August 2001, currently at Samsung Korea.

14.     Han-Chieh Wei, Dissertation Title: Schema Evolution and Database Conversion Techniques for Bi-Temporal Databases, August 2001, currently at University of Central Arkansas.

15.     Jae Young Lee, Dissertation Title: Database Modeling and Implementation Techniques for Time-Series Data, August 1998, currently at Colorado School of Mines.

16.     Jongho Won, Dissertation Title: Modeling and Retrieval Techniques for Generalized Bi-Temporal Databases, December 1997, currently at ETRI, Korea.

17.     Vram Kouramajian, Dissertation Title: Temporal Databases: Access Structures, Search Methods, Migration Strategies, and Declustering Techniques, May 1994.


1. Iqbal Goralwalla: Schema Evolution in Temporal Databases Using a Uniform Object Model, Department of Computing Science,University of Alberta, March 1998.

2. Mario Nascimento: Efficient Indexing of Temporal Databases via B+-Trees, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Southern Methodist University, June 1996.

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