Research Interests

  • Current Research Interests Sensor Networks (Querying, Indexing, Energy Efficient Data Collection, Integration with RFID, Sensor Architectures), RFID, Bioinformatics Databases (Data Sources Integration, Mediators, Conceptual Modeling, Ontologies), Web Services Ontologies and Integration, XML (Keyword-based Querying, Indexing, Distributed XML, Caching).

    Other Research Experience Databases (XML, Conceptual Modeling, Temporal Databases, Indexing, Query Languages, Object Databases, DBMS Implementation Techniques, Schema Integration), Semantic Web Modeling and Ontologies, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Systems Integration, Object-Oriented Software Development, Networked Information Systems, Programming Languages.

T H E  U N I V E R S I T Y  O F  T E X A S  A T  A R L I N G T O N

Computer Science and Engineering