Service and Administrative Experience

University of Texas at Arlington:

        University-level committees:

                Campus Master Planning Committee: 2004-2006

                Faculty Senate: Member 1998-2004, also served on numerous Senate subcommittees

                Undergraduate Assembly: Member 1993-1998

                VP for Information Technology Search Committee: Member 2003-2004

                Graduate Student Retention Committee: Member 2006-present

        Computer Science and Engineering Department

                CSE Representative for Engineering Research Building (ERB) Design: 2007-present

                CSE Representative for Engineering Lab Building (ELB) Renovation: 2007-present

                Tenure and Promotion Committee: Member 1990-present, Chair 2006-2008

                Graduate Studies Committee: Member 1990-present, Chair 2003-2006

                Recruiting Committee: Member 1990-1998, 2006-present

                New Building Space Committee: 2006-present

                Undergraduate Studies Committee: Member 1991-1998

                Undergraduate Advising: 1991-1999

                Tenure Review Guidelines (Ad-hoc) Committee: Member 1998

                Distance Learning (Ad-hoc) Committee: Member 1997

                Faculty Workload Guidelines (Ad-hoc) Committee: Member 1997

                MS Degree Review (Ad-hoc) Committee: Member 1997

        College of Engineering

                Engineering Research Building (ERB) Design Committee: 2007-present

                Engineering Lab Building (ELB) Renovation Committee: 2007-present

                Tenure and Promotion Committee: Member 2006-2008

                Ethics Committee: Member 2002-present

                Nano-bio Cluster Hiring Committee: Member 2006-2008


University of Houston:

        Computer Science Department

                Computer Equipment Committee: Member 1983-1986, 1989-1990

                Curriculum Committee: Member 1982-1985, Chair 1983-1985

                Departmental Bylaws Committee: Member 1989

                Faculty Recruiting Committee: Member 1983-1986, 1988-1990, Chair 1989-1990

        College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

                Academic Honesty Committee: Member 1989-1990

                Governance Committee: Member 2002-present


T H E  U N I V E R S I T Y  O F  T E X A S  A T  A R L I N G T O N

Computer Science and Engineering