Teaching Experience

Courses Taught at University of Texas at Arlington:

        Graduate Level:

                CSE 5306: Operating Systems II

                CSE 5330: Database Systems (DB 1)

                CSE 5331: DBMS Models and Implementation Techniques (DB 2)

                CSE 6331: Advanced Topics in Database systems

        Undergraduate Level:

                CSE 3302: Programming Languages

                CSE 3320: Operating Systems

                CSE 3330: Database Systems and File Structures

                CSE 4331: Database Implementation and Theory

 Courses Taught at University of Houston:

        Graduate Level:

                COSC 6340: Data Management

                COSC 6372: Computer Graphics

                COSC 7340: Advanced Data Management

                COSC 6397: Seminar on Real-Time Concepts

        Undergraduate Level:

                COSC 3320: Information Structures

                COSC 3340: File Structures (this course was later incorporated into COSC 3480)

                COSC 3480: File and Database systems

                COSC 4320: Introduction to Database Systems (later incorporated into COSC 3480)

                COSC 4330: Operating Systems

                COSC 4370: Interactive Computer Graphics

T H E  U N I V E R S I T Y  O F  T E X A S  A T  A R L I N G T O N

Computer Science and Engineering