A Comprehensive Survey and User's Guide for Simulation Robotic Tools


Aaron Staranowicz, Gian Luca Mariottini

ASTRA Robotics Lab, University of Texas at Arlington


Project Overview

As robotics expands in to new environments where robots require interaction with humans (such as medical robotics and assistive environments), simulation tools provide a safe environment to test new algorithms.  The purpose of this webpage is to help beginners by providing them a step-by-step installation guide and code-examples for the most used up-to-date sofwtare tools for robotics. This guide is intended to extend, not replace, existing tutorials and guides.

Robotic Simulation Guide

The Robotic Simulation Guide provides a description, a step-by-step installation guide, and code examples. The guide covers Player/Stage/Gazebo and ROS.

Download the Robotic Simulation Guide .

Sample Code

The sample code gives users the possibility to test basic code for some of the most used software. Most of the code has two parts: one for running the simulation and one for porting the code to the Create platform, by iRobot.

Code Examples :

Player/Stage Gazebo ROS Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio COIL


A.Staranowicz, G.L. Mariottini, "A Survey and Comparison of Commercial and Open-Source Robotic Simulator Software", in 2011 PETRA Conference, Crete, Greece, (submitted), 2011