Doctoral Dissertations Supervised (Completed)

1.       Bridget Beamon: Adaptive High Level Context Reasoning in Pervasive Environments, Summer 2011, Current Employment: Applied Physical Labs, Johns Hopkins University.

2.       Kunal Shah: Resource Management in Sensor Systems, Fall 2010, Current Employment: Sabre Corporation, USA.

3.       S. Tamhane:  Parallel and Distributed Pervasive Systems, Fall 2010, Current Employment: Proximic Corporation, USA.

4.       Brent Laggesse: Secure and Trustworthy mechanisms in Dynamic P2P and Pervasive Systems, Summer 2009, Current Employment: BBN, USA.

5.       M. Kim: Novel Architectures Heterogeneity in Pervasive Computing Environments, 2006, Current Employment: Korea Telecom, Seoul, South Korea.

6.       S. Kalasapur: Seamless Service Composition in Pervasive Computing Environments, 2006, Current Employment: SamSung Research, USA.

7.       Z. Wang:  Cache Consistency Mechanisms for Mobile, Wireless, and P2P Networks, 2005, Current Employment: Assistant Professor, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

8.       H. Shen: Cache Optimization for Information Dissemination in Mobile, Wireless and P2P systems, 2005, Current Employment: Research Scientist, AskJeeves Corporation.

9.       W.H.O. Lau, Quality of Service Issues for Continuous Media Transmissions (2002), Current Employment: Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.

10.    J. J. Yin, A Dynamic Adaptive Multiple Access Protocol for Wireless Integrated      Communications, 2001, Current Employment: Telstra Research Labs, Australia.

11.    K. Chin, Active Agents in Mobile Networks, Passed with Vice Chancellor's Commendation 2000), Current Employment: Senior Lecturer, The University of Wollongong, Australia.

12.    N.J. Tuah, Performance Studies of Speculative Prefetching in Distributed Systems, Funded by The University of Brunei, 2000, Current Employment: Senior Lecturer, The University of Brunei.

13.    S. Chingchit,  Flexible Clustering Scheme for Task Scheduling in Parallel Computers, Funded by AusAid Programme for Asian Students, Passed with Vice Chancellor's Commendation 2000, Died in a tragic accident in Bangkok, 2002.

14.    S. Campbell, Hierarchical Cliques: Architecture and Applications of a Cost Effective Network for Parallel Computing, Funded by the Department of Tertiary Education, Passed with Vice Chancellor's Commendation 1999[1], Current Employment: Fair Isaac, St. Paul, Minnesota.



Masters Theses Supervised

1.       Chance Eary,  Delay-tolerant Lazy Release Consistency for Distributed Shared Memory in Opportunistic Networks, Summer 2011.

2.       Samreen Tahir, Opportunistic message dissemination with deterministic inter contact times, (Summer 2010).

3.       Shreyas Shetty, Resource Adaptive Agent Based Multi-Level Fault Tolerant Architecture (Summer 2007)

4.       A. Kailas, Hierarchical Overlay For Service Composition In Pervasive Environments (Spring 2007), Current Employment: Fujitsu Networks, Dallas.

5.       P. Joseph, Context-aware energy conservation in pervasive computing (Summer 2006), Current Employment: CiSCo, California.

6.       K. Senthivel, PerSoN: Middleware platform for pervasive computing (Spring 2006), Current Employment: Fujitsu Networks, Dallas.

7.       B. Lagesse,  UBCA: A Decentralized Model For Dynamic Clustering (Spring 2006), Current Employment: Oak Ridge National Laboratories, USA.  

8.       N. Mallesh, Active Network based Communication Services (Fall 2005), Doctoral Student, UTA.

9.       A. Walker,  Service Oriented Architectures for Pervasive Computing(Fall 2005), Current Employment: Sabre Corporation, Keller Texas.

10.    Derek Maxey,  Pervasive Resource Exploitation, (Spring 2005), Current Employment: Lockheed Martin Corporation.

11.    A. Mutt,  Profile Based Location-Aware Information Retrieval for Mobile Clients (Fall 2004).

12.    M.S. Joseph,  Energy Efficient Data Retrieval Caching in MP2P Networks (Fall 2004), Current Employment: CitiBank, New Jersey USA.

13.    R. Kamabalakatta, Profile based Caching to Enhance Data Availability in Push/Pull Mobile Environments (Spring 2004), WiPRO Corporation, India.

14.    S. Ramesh, Graph Modeling of software agents (Fall 2003).

15.    J. H. Chih, Agent Communications for community computing (Fall 2003).

16.    I. H. Lee, Agent based Routing in Sensor Networks (Summer 2003).

17.    N, Srinivas, Power-Aware Source Routing in Ad Hoc Networks (Summer 2003).

18.    S. Chauhan, Minimizing Service Disruption During Tree Migration in Core based Multicasting (Summer 2003).

19.    H. Alex,  PC-DOS- A Framework for Discovery of Services in Pervasive Computing (Spring2003), Current Employment: Sabre Corporation, Texas.

20.    S. Manchenahalli,  Evaluation of Communication Models for Community Computing DTI Group Ltd., Perth, Australia (Spring 2003).

21.    A. Palaniswamy, Parallel and Distributed Routing in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks (Spring 2003)

22.    V. Raoot, Profiling Mobile Users For Location Tracking In 3g Networks Using Minimum Bounding Rectangles (Spring 2003), Current Employment: Nokia Corporation, USA.

23.    B. Menasinahal,  Active Enhancement to Mobile IP (Fall 2002),

24.    S. Patil,  Proxy Transport Service for TCP-Based Active Network Applications (Fall 2002), Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, USA.

25.    S.Murthy, DAlMeSiAN: Distributed Algorithms to Merge and Split Ad Hoc Networks(Summer 2002), CiSCo India.

26.    S. Samadikun, TCP/IP Enhancements in Mobile Environments (At Curtin University, 2002)

27.    J. Lee, Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks (At Curtin University, 2002).

28.    K. Y. Lim, Agent-based Channel Allocation Scheme for Mobile Computing Environments (At Curtin University, 1999).  Current Employment: DTI Group Ltd., Perth, Australia.

29.    H. Santoso, Quality of Service Issues for Multimedia Information Access in Wireless Environments (At Curtin University, 1998)

30.    K.K. Lau, Parallel Implementations of Computation-Intensive Problems on Networks  of Workstations (At Curtin University, 1997).

[1] Less than 5% of the Doctoral Students get Vice Chancellors Commendation