Recent Grants




1.       ReDS:  Reputation for Directory Services in P2P Systems; NSF, NeTS Grant,  (PI: M. Wright, co-PIs: A. Kapadia and M. Kumar); Award Amount: $300,000;

2.       Fault-tolerant Distributed Query processing in Dynamic Environments, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), 2009-10, $413,000 (PI: S. Chakravarthy, Co-PI: M. Kumar)

3.       DoC: Distributed Opportunistic Networks, NSF-CSR Grant, 2008-2010, $175,990 (PI: M. Kumar, Co-Pi: Y. Liu).

4.       Collaborative Virtual Observation in Dynamic Environments, NSF-ECCS Grant, 2008-2011, $336,817, (PI: M. Kumar, Co-Pi: Y. Liu, International Co-PIs: S. Venkatesh and M. Lazaresu).

5.       ARCADIA: An Asynchronous Communication Architecture Toward Novel Networking and Computation Paradigms in Wireless Sensor Networks, NSF-NOSS Grant, 2007-2010, $450,000, (PI: Y. Liu, Co-PIs: M. Kumar and S.K. Das.)

6.       PSI : Pervasively Secure Infrastructures, NSF-ITR Grant, 2003-2010, $1600000,  (PI: S.K. Das, Co-PIs: M. Kumar, B.A. Shirazi, D. Cook, L. Holder, and  S. Chakravarthy.)

7.       Pervasive Information Community Organization (PICO): A Framework for Internet of the Future, 2002-2005, $438861, NSF-STI Grant (PI: M. Kumar, Co-PIs: B.A. Shirazi, S.K. Das, D. Levine and F Kamangar).

8.       FICA: Flexible Integrated Caching Approach for Wireless Internet, 2002-2003, $131222*, Texas Tech Advanced Research program, Texas Advanced Research Program Grant (PI: S. K. Das, Co-PI: M. Kumar).