CSE 5321 Software Testing

In CSE 5321 Software Testing, the students will learn the fundamental of software testing and how to apply software testing methods and tools to test stand-alone applications or web-based applications. The students will work in a component-based software team project to design and implement an integrated test environment that reuses existing components, most of them are open-source, public domain tools.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Software testing fundamentals

  • Software testing techniques

  • Test coverage criteria

  • Software tools or testing tools including JUnit, JCoverage, Ant, OpenJGraph, HttpUnit, etc.

  • Applying software testing tools to test sample programs or web-based applications

  • Software testing in the lifecycle

  • Object state testing

  • Testing web-based applications

  • Testing class hierarchy

  • When to stop testing

Sample syllabus for CSE 5321.