CSE 5324 Software Engineering I: Analysis, Design and Creation

In this course, the student will learn and apply a unified methodology and UML to the analysis, design, implementation,

testing and demonstration of part of a software system or subsystem of a significant size and complexity. Often, the software

project is a project sponsored by a company or a nonprofit organization.

The student will work in a project team consisting of five students or so. The students will learn and apply the following:

  1. Software requirements acquisition

  2. Deriving use cases from requirements

  3. Domain modeling to help understand and communicate domain knowledge

  4. Specifying actor-system interaction behavior

  5. Object interaction modeling

  6. Assigning responsibilities to objects

  7. Deriving design class diagram

  8. Deriving an implementation order

  9. Deriving code from diagrams

Sample syllabus for CSE 5324.