1. Online documentation: http://omega.uta.edu 2. Personal home page: http://omega.uta.edu/~your_account_userid NOTE: The index.html file is located in the public_html subdirectory. 3. Resetting a password: https://eservices.uta.edu/resetPassword NOTE: the password needs to be changed every 70 days 4. Computer and Information Technology Usage Policy: http://www.uta.edu/uta/wwwteam/citup.html 5. Instructions for accessing omega from home: http://www.uta.edu/dialin 6. Downloading software(SSH, Norton Antivirus, etc.): http://oit.uta.edu/helpdesk/public/download 7. Assistance: helpdesk@uta.edu or dial 1-817-272-2208 NOTE: the help desk is located on the first floor of the central library

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