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This is the code that I have played with in each class. Obviously it is only the final version of the code that resulted from all the things that were tried in class.

Nov.20 continued linked list examples
Linked lists sorted using bubble sort.

Nov.20 class examples
Linked lists built in sorted order. New elements added at beginning, middle, or end of linked list.

Nov.15 class examples
More structs with pointers to make linked lists ordered by how the data is entered.
New elements added at end of linked list.

Nov.6 class examples
System time and date stuff
This version works (and is slightly different than what I did in class)
so check the details before you use it.

Nov.1 class examples
More structs with sorting and arrays
Demonstrating reading from a file and tokenizing a string
Uses test13data.txt as input
Demonstrating reading until the end of a file
Uses test13datab.txt as input

Oct 30 class examples
More pointer examples and arrays
test12e.c with commented out material removed from file
Also has a little bit of two dimensional arrays with pointers

A function to use for printing room types
No deduction for using this code with its returned pointer
You may also write functions to print stock types and staff types in a similar fashion with no deduction

Oct 25 class examples
Pointer examples

Oct 23 class examples
Structs stuff
test10e.c with commented out material removed from file

Oct 18 class examples
Merge sort
test9e.c with commented out material removed from file

Code to use for building Lab 3 room names with number appended
Also code for pulling the numbers back out of the names

Oct 11 class examples
File I/O and getline with other string stuff
File to test code with testtext.txt

Oct 4 class examples
Bits of bubble sort

Office hour examples Sept 26
Testing and reading char values

I'm finally getting around to this on Sept. 17 so I'll just post all the files that have been worked on so far, then update after each class.

Sept. 25 class examples
switch statement

Sept. 20 class examples
String input with %s. Testing and copying strings

Sept. 13 class examples
working with arrays

test3.c , S5test3.c
Sept. 4 class examples
input with scanf and arithmetic

test1.c , test2.c , record1.txt
Aug. 28 class examples