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Information for CSE1320
Intermediate Programming with C

This page has links to various documents for students of CSE1320 in Dr. Tiernan's section. This is the PRIMARY reference location for class material. Dr. T does not hand out much paper in class any more but feel free to print material you find on this website.

There is much material about how to turn in lab assignments in this class, how to use omega, tips on writing functions, and bits of info about challenging things in C. ** USE IT.** Other material posted here includes old test materials and links outside UTA to related and useful sites. There are also links to UTA and other sites with information on the vi editor, the pico editor, on Unix systems, and OIT information. A quick link to a page of Dr. T's helpful C stuff [This is USEFUL stuff! Check it out!]

Come to class! It's fun! Bring your textbook because we'll be using it.

Link to Blackboard at
     Use Blackboard for submitting homework and to view the lecture captures on the ClassRev link.

     Click here to find copies of the examples Dr. T does in class. She will try to keep this updated but remind her if she forgets. (Last updated on April 18)

    Test #2 is in class Thursday April 26 at 2pm.

All material covered in lectures, in textbook for chapters covered in lectures, or required to have completed Labs 1 - 4 may be covered on the test.

Final Exam will be Tuesday, May 8, 2pm - 4:30pm, in NH 112

    Lab #5 Assignment for Spring 2012 as an ugly web page and as MS Word doc.

            Please report any errors or typos in assignment to Dr. T by e-mail ASAP.

            Lab #5 DUE Thursday, May 10 at 12:00noon
            Extra credit for early submission as follows:
               Early submission by 11:59pm Wednesday, May 9 + 8 points
               Early submission by 11:59pm Tuesday, May 8 + 18 points
               Early submission by 11:59pm Monday, May 7 + 30 points
               Early submission by 11:59pm Sunday, May 6 + 42 points

            NO LATE LABS accepted for Lab #5 period.

            See assignment for:
Read Lab #5 at least three times before you start working on it!
            Lab #5 Design Document must be submitted on time in order for Lab #5 assignment to be graded.
            Submit Design Document, Test Plan, and Assignment files to Blackboard;
            Lab #5 documents must include at least 2 files of test data.
                 If multiple files are part of assignment,e.g. multiple script files,
                 create a folder and put files in folder, then zip the folder, and
                 submit the folder to Blackboard. Do check your submission on
                 Blackboard to make sure it is readable.

                  Posted April 20
            See info in the table below to contact the TA

                  Contact Dr. T in case of problems.

Lab #1 Assignment for Spring 2012 as an ugly web page and as MS Word doc.
Lab #2 Assignment for Spring 2012 as an ugly web page and as MS Word doc.
Lab #3 Assignment for Spring 2012 as an ugly web page and as MS Word doc.
Lab #4 Assignment for Spring 2012 as an ugly web page and as MS Word doc.


CSE1320 Syllabus
Posted 3 Jan 2012

To be posted Noone Expects
Ethics statement
If you did not sign this in class, then print it on one page, sign, and bring to the next class

If you have trouble reading something on this website or
if you find a broken link or other problem
please e-mail Dr. Tiernan

Section 002 - Dr. Tiernan Section 002 - Dr. Tiernan
Get help from:
Praveen Tripathi
Class instructor:
Dr. Carter Tiernan
For questions, e-mail:
Office Hours:
Mon and Wed 11am - 1pm Mon, Tues and Thurs 3:30pm - 5pm
Location: ERB 307 (the Engineering Research Building) NH 620
For design documents
and lab assignments, submit to:

See the Course Materials link and look for the
appropriate place to upload the parts of your assignment.

green yellow neon Reference material for Lab Assignments green yellow neon

How to submit your 1320 Lab - including script file info and more
     Updated Jan. 2012
     Lab Assignment Submission Information for Dr. Tiernan's section of CSE 1320

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Miscellaneous Coding Tidbits

Links to information about using 'getline' instead of 'gets':
GNU C Manual - Line-Oriented Input
     GNU C Programming Tutorial - getline

To get input from data files:
     Include stdio.h as a header file, declare a FILE * variable, use fopen to connect the FILE * variable to your physical file. See references further below for C file I/O examples.
To deal with reading strings correctly from files:
     When reading a string after reading a number from a file, you may need to read a junk character out between reading the number and the string. Use the getc(file_pointer) command to read one character from a file. If one doesn't work try using two getc commands.
To compile multiple physical files into a single program:
     To compile two files (Ex: L41.c and L42.c) together into a single program, use the gcc command with both file names following. Example:
     myomega>gcc L41.c L42.c
To get time and date information for your program using C functions:
     Information and an example using localtime(), time(), and the struct tm are available at Click on the various links to see the struct definition and other examples

Coding and Other Tips for Lab Assignments in CSE1320

Dr. Brezeale's handy-dandy notes on moving from Python to C (see the Misc. section)

Links to information about C file I/O:
Reference from Boston University CS class
C File I/O
Use section "2. C FIle I/O". Ignore section "1. Redirection".

Reference from Boston University (originally from University of Essex)
File I/O, fopen and fclose
Clearly written with examples

green yellow neon CSE1320 Powerpoint presentations green yellow neon

Software Engineering Slide Presentation
The above link is for a Powerpoint presentation on Software Engineering that will be presented at the beginning of the semester.

Beginner's guide to writing a C function
Reference card for C commands to keep handy while you start writing functions

Intro to omega
Covers how to connect to omega, a few Unix commands, a short list of editors and compilers and an example of using the GDB debugger which is available for gcc.
A Powerpoint presentation by Do Kim (CSE senior) edited by Dr. T.
Posted 31 August 2004

Reference card for UNIX commands to use on omega

This has hints about control structures, variable types, arrays, structs, pointers, linked lists, recursion and DEBUGGING!
Sticky Bits in C online presentation
Sticky Bits in C to download
A Powerpoint presentation by Dr. T.
Posted 19 April 2004

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Below are examples of quizzes and tests Dr. T has given in the past. Some other material may be posted on the websites for previous semesters as well from Dr. T's home page.

Example Quiz

2nd Example Quiz with solutions

Sample Test Questions with Comments

Below is a link to the review sheets and tests that were given for previous C classes. Similar reviews will be posted for this semester.

Tests, test reviews, and old lab assignments for previous C 1320 classes taught by Dr. Tiernan

Example Ethics Policy

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These links go to various resources for Unix, the vi editor, and the emacs editor. There is also a link to the main OIT web page for questions about UTA's systems.

Picture of a frog

   "how-to" Unix reference manual from UTA OIT
   - be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the OIT page if no Unix guide
   info is visible to the right of the menu bar

   vi Unix editor reference from UTA OIT
   - be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the OIT page if no vi editor
   info is visible to the right of the menu bar

   vi Unix editor reference: University of Washington

   vi Unix editor tutorial: University of Hawaii

   emacs Unix editor reference manuals: GNU organization

   pico Unix editor reference from the University of Michigan

   pico Unix editor reference from the University of Chicago

   OIT - Office of Information Technology website which has other helpful links

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