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Information for CSE1325
Object-Oriented Programming with Java

This page will be one of the two primary places for documents for this class. Some documents will be posted here and some will be on Blackboard. You should make a habit of regularly checking both sites during the semester. Dr. T does not hand out much paper in class any more but feel free to print material you find on this website.

We will use the NetBeans IDE (Interactive Development Environment) as the primary tool for code development in this class. Your code will need to compile and run under the NetBeans Java SE 7.2 environment.

You can access NetBeans at You should download the IDE to your machine to do your development.

Come to class! It's fun!

Test 1 will be in class Thursday, March 7th

Link to Blackboard at
     Use Blackboard for submitting homework and to view the lecture captures on the ClassRev link.
     If you're having trouble seeing the lecture captures on Blackboard,
     take a look at this list of lecture links (Say that ten times fast)

     Click here to find copies of the examples Dr. T does in class.
     She will try to keep this updated but remind her if she forgets. (Last updated on Feb. 27)

Spring 13 Assignments

    Lab #3 Assignment for Spring 2013 as an ugly web page and as a MS Word doc.
       There is also a Javadoc file and other files which contain data needed for the lab assignment.
       These will be posted (as soon as I can get my e-mail to work)
       Turn in assignment on Blackboard. (Assignment also posted there.)

           Decent and usable online reference for Date, Calendar, and GregorianCalendar
           at .
          Read from beginning through Section 3.1 and you ought to be able to use it.
          Also, you can get started with Javadoc using the Wikipedia article and there is a simple tutorial page at
 . Enough to get you started.

          Lab Project #1 Assignment for Spring 2013 as MS Word doc.
          Lab Project #1 zip file of Java code.
          Lab #2 Assignment for Spring 2013 as an ugly web page and as MS Word doc.


CSE1325 Syllabus as Word doc
or slightly ugly web page
Posted 10 Jan. 2013

To be posted Noone Expects
Ethics statement
If you did not sign this in class,
then print it on one page,
sign, and bring to the next class
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Section 001 - Dr. Tiernan Section 001 - Dr. Tiernan
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Sean Pierce
Class instructor:
Dr. Carter Tiernan
For questions, e-mail:
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E-mail for an appt if needed.
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For design documents
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See the Course Materials link and look for the
appropriate place to upload the parts of your assignment.

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