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Information for CSE1325
Object-Oriented Programming with Java

This page will be one of the two primary places for documents for this class. Some documents will be posted here and some will be on Blackboard. You should make a habit of regularly checking both sites during the semester. Also, make a regular habit of checking your UTA e-mail because that is where Dr T will send out class info. Dr. T does not hand out much paper in class any more but feel free to print material you find on this website.

We will use the NetBeans IDE (Interactive Development Environment) as the primary tool for code development in this class. Your code will need to compile and run under the NetBeans Java SE environment. I will specify the required version shortly.

You can access NetBeans at You should download the IDE to your machine to do your development.

Come to class! It's fun!

Link to Blackboard at
     Use Blackboard for submitting homework. and to view the lecture captures on the ClassRev link.

Java code examples
     This is a link to find copies of the examples Dr. T does in class.
     She will try to keep this updated but remind her if she forgets. (last updated 6/12)

References you will ABSOLUTELY need for Java:
     Java Platform, Standard Edition 7, API Specification
     Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 Documentation
     Note that I'm linking to the Edition 7 information here even though there is now an Edition 8.


CSE1325 Syllabus as Word doc
or slightly ugly web page
Posted 3 June 2014

To be posted Noone Expects
Ethics statement
If you did not sign this in class,
then print it on one page,
sign, and bring to the next class
See TA and Instructor contact
info below this table

If you have trouble reading something on this website or
if you find a broken link or other problem
please e-mail Dr. Tiernan

Section 001 - Dr. Tiernan Section 001 - Dr. Tiernan
Get help from:
TA: Luan Nguyen
Class instructor:
Dr. Carter Tiernan
For questions, e-mail:
Office Hours:
Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 4:30pm Tues, Wed, and Thurs 1:00pm - 3:00pm
(but subject to change)
E-mail for an appt if needed.
Location: ERB 556 (the Engineering Research Building) NH 620

For design documents
and lab assignments, submit to:

See the Course Materials link and look for the
appropriate place to upload the parts of your assignment.

The following on-line books may or will be referenced during the semester:

The Art and Science of Java, Preliminary Draft, Eric S. Roberts, 2006. 
Available at  and other sites. 
Supplemental material is available at

Karel the Robot Learns Java, Eric S. Roberts, 2005. 
Available at .

Think Java, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Allen B. Downey, 5.1.2 . 
Available at
You can also buy a printed copy at for less than $25 if you prefer that.

Java SE Technical Documentation. .
Technical specs, API docs, tutorials and more.

Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition, Revision 4.0, Bruce Eckel. 
Available at

Other available online textbooks for reference:

Blue Pelican Java, Charles E. Cook. 
Available from Also has free Java videos and other material.

Introduction to Programming Using Java, Sixth Edition, Version 6.0.1 July 2012, David J. Eck. 
Online textbook at You can download a PDF also.

Optional book also used for reference:

Java How to Program 9/e, Deitel and Deitel.  Will be used during class but is not required. 
(Most inexpensive version I saw was on eBay for an International version for about $45.)

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