CSE 3318 Office Hours

Please refresh this page to see any recent changes.
You can see any TA for help (not only the ones assigned to your section). For grading-related questions contact the TA for your section.
We will be online during office hours, but there will not be any online meeting going on. Send us a message on Teams to contact us, regardless of what our status shows in Teams (Busy/Away/Available).
Alexandra Stefan astefan@uta.edu Mon, Wed 2:30-3pm; Tue, Thu 12:30-1:30pm, other times by appointment.
Online except for Wed and Thu AFTER Spring break.
Ahmed Harun ahmed.harun@mavs.uta.edu Mon,Wed 10am-12:00pm
Hoang Pham hxp4809@mavs.uta.edu Tue/Thu 3:30-5pm, Wed 9-10am
Quynh Nguyen quynh.nguyen2@mavs.uta.edu Mon/Wed 12:20-2:20pm