Course Work and Grading

Homework Assignments/Projects :
Three hands-on homework assignments will be given where learned techniques are applied to practical problems.

Three small projects will be assigned where students implement and test some of the techniques.

There will be 6 quizzes, each to be held in the class after an assignment or project was due. Quizzes will test knowledge of material taught in the course as well as of the assignment submitted.

Final Project:
In addition, every student will perform a final project that will be presented at the end of the course.

Late submission policy:
All assignments and Projects are graded out of 100 points. Assignments submitted late will be penalized, at a rate of 4 penalty points per hour. The submission time will be the time shown on Canvas. Any assignment submitted more than 25 hours late will receive no credit for the assignment. To receive credit for the assignment portion of the corresponding quiz you will have to hand in an assignment before the quiz.

At The University of Texas at Arlington, taking attendance is not required but attendance is a critical indicator in student success. Each faculty member is free to develop his or her own methods of evaluating students' academic performance, which includes establishing course-specific policies on attendance. As the instructor of this section, I will require course attendance and attendance and participation will contribute to the course grade. Note that you are responsible for any course content covered in class irrespective of it being in the class notes. However, while UT Arlington does not require instructors to take attendance in their courses, the U.S. Department of Education requires that the University have a mechanism in place to mark when Federal Student Aid recipients begin attendance in a course. UT Arlington instructors will report when students begin attendance in a course as part of the final grading process. Specifically, when assigning a student a grade of F, faculty report the last date a student attended their class based on evidence such as a test, participation in a class project or presentation, or an engagement online via Canvas. This date is reported to the Department of Education for federal financial aid recipients.

Grading Policy:
The final grade will be calculated using the following policy:

Assignments 20 %
Projects 20 %
Quizzes 45 %
Final Project 10 %
Attendance & Participation 5%