Course Work and Grading

In-class presentation of a technical paper:
Each student will be given a technical topic/paper to present in class and to lead the following discussion of the material.

Homework Assignments:
Two hands-on homework assignments will be given where learned techniques are applied to practical problems.

Two small projects will be assigned where students implement and test some of the techniques. In addition, every student will perform a final project that will be presented at the end of the course.


At The University of Texas at Arlington, taking attendance is not required. Rather, each faculty member is free to develop his or her own methods of evaluating studentsŐ academic performance, which includes establishing course-specific policies on attendance. As the instructor of this section, I strongly encourage class attendance. Note that you are responsible for any course content covered in class irrespective of it being in the class notes.

Grading Policy:
The final grade will be calculated using the following policy:

Presentation & Class Participation 15 %
Assignments 30 %
Projects 30 %
Final Project 25 %

Manfred Huber