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"UTA has such a wonderful reputation in our industry for developing quite a cutting edge engineer. Your students are very sought after because of the level of applicable academic knowledge they learn while attending UTA. We have in fact hired four graduates of UTA just last year and couldn't be happier with the level of expertise these young engineers have brought with them. We're in the first round stage of telephone interviews with (one of your students). I saw your name listed on his reference list and couldn't resist sending you an email to say hello."

"We are using your methodology on our X project.  It's gone very well so far.  We are currently in the implementation phase. They have a lot of good design documentation. I'm thinking of setting a goal this year for each group to do at least one project using your methodology. Glad to hear that the support tool is being extended. A methodology IDE is a great idea and will help promote and ease the use of the methodology. Let me know when it's available on sourceforge and we'll tell the teams."

"From my personal experience I know that you take a lot of care in training your students with the skills and attitude needed to be good software engineers. I am sure, if they seriously follow what you teach, they will make good prospective hires the software industry is always looking for."


It's been a while since we last talked. I hope things are going well for you. I wanted to let you know two quick things. First, we are very happy with the two interns we got from your CS programs. ... Second, we are now ...

I wanted to introduce you to ... hiring manager who is looking for quality interns. He heads up our intern program. I told him how high quality the UTA interns are."

"Professor Kung,

I am impressed with the UTA software engineering curriculum and hope that some of your B.S. or M.S. candidates might be a good match for COMPANY. In particular, the software testing class stands out. I spoke with a MS student yesterday, who had a strong background. ...

If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate any suggestions you have about my openings. If you have particular students you might recommend, I'd be very interested to talk to them. ... I'm looking for strong software engineering skills as well as ... I would enjoy the chance to speak with you to learn more about the specific research you are doing in software engineering and explore ways COMPANY might work with you in the future."

"I am one of the students in your Modeling class at COMPANY. I just wanted to share with you that I really enjoyed the class. It introduced me to the concepts that will definitely help me in my job and quality of my work. ... Now I have started emphasizing more on requirement analysis, design modeling phases ... I am convinced that this will help us produce better products with reduced risks/unplanned rework at the integration time."