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"It has been almost two years since my graduation from UTA. I really enjoyed those two classes with you (OOSE and Design patterns). I still remember the first day in your class, how I learned to create Use Cases from the requirements. I work at COMPANY, as a software developer and I follow your teaching in every project. The methodology that I leaned in your classes has helped me to design/develop software products in a RIGHT WAY. In every project I had worked on, I use STEP BY STEP DESIGN methodology that I leaned in your classes. My project lead is so glad to see professional documents with use-cases, high-level use-cases, expanded use-cases, sequence diagrams and Design Class diagrams. THANK YOU for the knowledge that you shared with us."

"I would like to say 'thank you' for the way you designed and taught our classes. The two classes I took with you - OO concepts and Design patterns are helping me earning 'bread and butter' every day. I worked as a consultant for past few years in different companies and I realized the process you taught is far more advanced than they follow here in real world - which is very good and helpful. I got chance to suggest even more experienced people out here in the field. I am very grateful to you."

"Dear Prof. Kung,

With my deepest appreciation, I just want to take the moment to say THANK YOU for your great lectures in Design Patterns. As you may remember, I had Design Patterns with you. Nowadays, I am doing my internship in COMPANY (a leading IT firm). They assigned me to a team on .... In my project, I 've addressed some problems and then applied suitable patterns to them. After my manager saw my designs, he was really excited. By applying appropriate design patterns in my project, it really helps me to easily develop, test, and enhance its functionality... It is necessary to say that my manager and other groups keep asking me 'How do you learn to Design Like This.'

However, for sure, in Fall semester, I'll audit your class again to improve my knowledge in Design Patterns. It is honor to be your student.


"Thanks Professor,

I am grateful to you for all you taught us during the Design Patterns Course. Initially before taking the course, all I expected was learning some patterns and how to use/apply them, but you went beyond that, you taught us the basics first, you made sure our foundations are strong, then you taught us how each and every step is important in software engineering.

Thanks for teaching us that software engineering is not just all about coding.

Warm Regards,"

"I have taken two courses under you, Software Engineering as well as Software Design Patterns. These courses as well as your teachings have been very valuable and know those will really go a long way in shaping my career. I thank you for being the wonderful professor you are."

"I had taken Software Design Patterns and Software Testing. The experience and knowledge that I have gained through these courses is immense. By means of giving us very good programming projects, class assignments and your constant encouragement to participate in class discussions has helped in thorough understanding of the basic concepts involved in both the courses. The emphasis on following the software engineering approach in the projects, by providing the design documents and UML diagrams helped further understanding of the Software Engineering Lifecycle. The knowledge and skill that I have acquired greatly helped me in the interview session and have now found employment with Company. I thank you for making the courses challenging as well as a pleasurable experience. "

"I was one of the students who had taken up Software Testing and Agile Methods courses under you. I graduated in ... I had a few interviews and I finally got an offer as a QA analyst. The interviewers were very happy that I had taken up these courses, especially the Agile Methods. I would like to thank you for having offered these courses which had valuable learning. I learned many concepts in both the courses and its due to these that I was able to perform well in the interview. I strongly recommend every student at UTA to take up Agile Methods course as its widely used in companies today. My interviewers were very impressed that there is a course on Agile Methods. I learned a lot from these two courses. Once again I thank you."

"I am very happy to tell you that I have been selected. There are some things about my interview which I wanted to share with you. First of all I was amazed at the things that were asked in the interview. The 2nd half of it was completely on testing my knowledge on software engineering concepts, especially object-oriented SE. The interviewer asked me the exact same things which you taught in class, right from defining use cases to coming up with the design class diagrams. He asked me to explain the whole cycle of design, coming up with all the documents including the matrices, DCD, domain modeling, etc. I explained to him the way we did our OIE (Office of International Education) project and he was pretty impressed looking at the principles being followed. He also asked me to tell you that he was very much impressed that professors taught such kind of techniques to students in their courses. Once again I want to thank you for your support because I don't think I would have got through the interview without studying your course."

"Dr. Kung:

Please allow me to put you down as my reference for a company I am applying for a full-time position. ...

I am applying for System Analyst Position. They have already offered me a start date. It was my honor taking your classes: Design Patterns and Software Testing. To enhance my skills and help pursue my ambition of becoming a Software Architect, I am still perseveringly auditing your Design Patterns class. It is the best class I have taken in Software Engineering. One day I will come back to UTA to take your Entrepreneurship class, should it ever be approved by the department. Enclose is my resume for your review. Thank you for your time and support." (The student was hired as a software architect due to his knowledge and talent. Several students were promoted to systems analysts or software architects six months or one year after they worked in industry.)

"It was a pleasure taking one more course under you. The Agile Methods course had given us insights into various concepts of the upcoming techniques and its applicability in various domains. There has been a trend in industry of nearly all companies asking for Agile developers and this course was a great launchpad for all of us. I enjoyed each of the components of the Course and it threw lights on various aspects (Presentations, Self Learning and Paper Writing and of course Examinations).

Thanks a lot for offering such a wonderful and useful course. All of us learned a lot."