My current research focuses on the development of an agile unified methodology that can adapt to agile as well as plan-driven development. The methodology is highly automated --- i.e., UML diagrams and code could be generated automatically by tools. We have designed and prototyped a number of such tools.

I also work with Drs. Jeff Lei, Donggang Liu and Christoph Csallner on testing for software security. In this project, a tool for generating testing case to effectively detect security vulnerabilities is being developed and has been shown to be able to detect bugs that are not discovered previously in the computer security community.

Previously, I worked on object-oriented software testing. I have supervised more than 100 MS and Ph.D. students designed and implemented an OO software testing tool called OOTWorks. This tool includes a reverse engineering component that generates UML diagrams from Java or C++ code. From the diagrams, test cases are generated. Below are some OOTWorks images: