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    Heng Huang
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington
    Adjunct Professor, Clinical Sciences, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Brief Biography:

Heng Huang received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Dartmouth College in 2006, and his M.S. and B.S. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Contact Information:

Office: 533 ERB Building, 500 UTA Blvd., Arlington, TX, 76019, Phone: (817) 272-7287,    Email:
Current/Upcoming Classes:

Spring 17: CSE6389 Advanced Data Science
Research Interests:

Big Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Science
Bioinformatics, System Biology
Neuroinformatics, Neurotechnology
Health Informatics, Electronic Medical Records, Smart Healthcare
Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis
Computational Sustainability
Natural Language Processing

Four papers were accepted by IJCAI 2017.

One paper was accepted by IPMI 2017.

One paper was accepted by RECOMB 2017.

Five papers were accepted by AAAI 2017.

Three papers were accepted by ICDM 2016.

One paper was accepted by NIPS 2016.

Three papers were accepted by MICCAI 2016.

Two papers were accepted by KDD 2016 (Research Track).

Supervised PhD Students:
Current Students:
De Wang, Xiaoqian Wang, Hongchang Gao, Zhouyuan Huo
Graduated Students:
Nha Nguyen (PhD'10, 1st Employment: Postdoc Researcher at University of Pennsylvania)
Vangelis Metsis (PhD'11, 1st Employment: Assistant Professor in CS at Texas State University)
Hua Wang (PhD'12, 1st Employment: Assistant Professor in EECS at Colorado School of Mines)
Dijun Luo (PhD'12, 1st Employment: Data Scientist in WhaleShark Media)
Xiao Cai (PhD'13, 1st Employment: Research Scientist in Abbott Lab)
Jin Huang (PhD'13, 1st Employment: Data Scientist in Apple)
Information for Future Students:

I am looking for Postdoc, PhD students, motivated for doing research in the areas of machine learning, bioinformatics, computer vision, and biomedical image analysis. If you are interested, please contact me.

If you are UTA master students and are looking for master thesis topics, please feel free to contact me.

Recent Conferences related to my research:

RECOMB, full paper due Oct 28
IPMI, paper registration Dec 10, full paper due Dec 15
IJCAI, abstract due Feb 16, full paper due Feb 19
KDD, full paper due Feb 17
ICML, full paper due Feb 24
MICCAI, full paper due Feb 24
ICCV, full paper due Mar 17
NIPS, full paper due May 19
CIKM, abstract due May 16, full paper due May 23
ICDM, full paper due June 5
PSB, full paper due Aug 1
WSDM, abstract due Aug 4, full paper due Aug 11
ICDE, abstract due Sept 22, full paper due Sept 29
WWW, abstract due Sept 26, full paper due Sept 31

In computer science, papers in top conferences have higher quality than most journals.
For reference purpose, there are some reasonable public CS conference ranking lists: Ref1, Ref2, Ref3, Ref4; also one CS journal ranking list: Ref5.