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This is the code that I have played with in each class. Obviously it is only the final version of the code that resulted from all the things that were tried in class. The newest examples will be at the top of the list.

posted on May 11 - files from class

This file has notes about what was SUPPOSED to be done in Lab 6.
This file is the output that was SUPPOSED to be created in Lab 6.

posted on Apr 26 - files from class

posted on Apr 18 - Robot practice files from class

Apr 5 - Test 2 topics and Fall 2015 Test 2 for review
Note that there are question elements about files in this test that won't be in your test but you should still look at the file questions because many of the questions could just as easily be asked about input from the keyboard vs. input from files. So there might be similar questions just using keyboard input not file input.

Mar 31 - Robot practice file with multi dimensional arrays

Mar 29 - Random number creation and random values in a file

Mar 24 - Array and input information

Mar 2 - Test 1 docs

Feb 18 - nested if else with algorithm, switch example

Feb 11 - while loop, nested if else, scanner input with numeric types

Feb 4 - reading user input from the keyboard

Jan 21 - Example from Lecture 2 class

Day 1 was syllabus and ethics statement info