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CSE 1310 Lectures, slides and resources

Fun links:
  1. Hour of code Coding webpage with animation showing what the code does.
  2. Fun problems (by the end of class students can solve all these problems except the ones involving classes and objects which are not covered in this class)
  3. Leetcode

Slides, cheat sheet, data files

Page references are from the paper textbook, 4th edition.
  1. See detailed instructions on how to install Code::Blocks . The webpage for downloading Code::Blocks is http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads/binaries). For Windows get the package that includes both Code::Blocks and MinGW (unless you already have a C compiler).
  2. Lecture slides will be posted in Canvas under Modules -> Lectures

  3. Problem solving:
  4. To Do:
  5. Data files


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