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CSE 1310
Introduction to Computers and Programming
Section 004

Fall 2022
Lectures: Mon, Wed: 1-2:20pm

Instructor: Alexandra Stefan

This course introduces students to computers, to the algorithmic process, and to programming using basic control and data structures. The programming language used in this course is C.

Instructor: Alexandra Stefan (astefan@uta.edu)

Office hours, ONLINE with Teams chat : Mon, Wed 2:30-3pm, Tue, Thu 12:30-1:30pm or by appointment Send me a chat during my office hours to get in touch with me.
For offline questions email me at astefan@uta.edu (or using Canvas) or send a chat in Teams. The advantage of using chat is that all our conversation(s) will be grouped in one place.
Teaching assistant: Rabindra Yadav: rabindra.yadav@mavs.uta.edu

Office and hours, ONLINE with Teams chat: See the CSE 1310 TAs Lab hours
For issues specific to our course (including grading) discuss with Rabindra, our TA. For issues on understanding of C, programing in general and homework you can discuss with any TA from the CSE 1310 Lab that has office hours during that time.
Supplemental Instruction.

Textbook: C By Discovery (4th Edition) by Foster and Foster, 4-th edition, ISBN-13: 978-1576761700, ISBN-10: 1576761703. Both the 3-rd or the 4-th edition are fine. The textbook is not required. (This is the official textbook for CSE 1320 as well, but It depends on each instructor how much they rely on it and if they have specific edition requirments.)