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RESEARCH INTERESTS: My primary research interest is in Big Data Exploration. My research seeks to empower a knowledge worker with the ability to pose high-level search and analysis queries that help her analyze, search and explore large data repositories in a manner beyond the current capabilities of data management systems. This involves research in core areas such as databases, AI and machine learning, data mining, human-machine computation, information retrieval, and algorithms. My work is cross-cutting, and impacts a wide variety of application domains including social computing, cyber security, health informatics, the Web, location-based mapping services, crowdsourcing, and others.

Database Exploration Laboratory (DBXLAB): Research projects in data exploration are carried out at the Database Exploration Laboratory at UT-Arlington. We also actively collaborate with numerous other research groups, both internal and external to UT-Arlington. Please see the lab website for further details of these projects, as well as details of our students and collaborators.

Center for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (CARIDA): I am the Co-Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (CARIDA) in the College of Engineering of the University of Texas. This center focuses on cutting-edge research in large-scale data analysis of very large, diverse data sets that arise in a multitude of real-world applications. The mission of CARIDA is to enable pursuit of grand-challenge problems in artificial intelligence and big data by synergizing the strong expertise in various disciplines across COE, UTA as well as external collaborators, with the goal of establishing UTA as a leader in big data technologies and services. Please see center website for further details.


1.     Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2021

2.     Communications of the ACM Research Highlights, 2021 (see also technical perspective from the editor)

3.     Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020

4.     SIGMOD 2018 Research Highlights Award

5.     VLDB Journal Special Issue on Best of VLDB 2018

6.     pVLDB Reproducibility 2018

7.     Former student Mahashweta Das Ph.D. thesis received Honorable Mention in ACM SIGKDD 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Awards

8.     CIKM 2013 Best Student Paper Award

9.     IEEE ICDE Influential Paper Award: awarded in 2012 for the ICDE 2002 paper on the DBXplorer system for keyword search in databases

10.  VLDB Journal Special Issue on Best of VLDB 2012

11.  VLDB Journal Special Issue on Best of VLDB 2007

12.  ECML/PKDD 2006 Best Paper Award

13.  ACM SIGKDD 1998 Best Paper Runner Up Award

FUNDING: My research has been supported by the following recent grants:

1.     Fairness in Web Database Applications, NSF III Medium 2107296, $1M (UTA portion $416,000). PI Abolfazl Asudeh (UIC), PI Gautam Das, Co-PI Shirin Nilizadeh (UTA), PI HV Jagadish (U Michigan), 2021-2024

2.     Wireless Monitoring System for Online Insect Tracking Data Analysis, USDA ARS 58-6066-1-034, $122,057. PIs Gautam Das, Wei-Jen Lee (UTA), 2021-2022

3.     An Optimization Framework for Designing Derived Attributes with Humans-in-the-Loop, NSF III Small 2008602, $498,762 (UTA portion $309,583). PI Gautam Das, Co-PI Won Hwa Kim (UTA), PI Senjuti Basu Roy (NJIT), 2020-2023

4.     Build and Broaden: Conference on Social Connections to Promote Individual and Community Resilience in Post-COVID-19 Society, NSF $70,233, PI Zhen Cong, Co-PIs Gautam Das, Aaron Hagedorn, Ling Xu, Yuan Zhou (UTA) 2020-2021

5.     EAGER: Data Analytics over Location Based Services, NSF-IIS 1745925, $199,346, PI Gautam Das, 2017-2020

6.     RAISE: C-Accel Pilot Track A1: Credible Open Knowledge Network, NSF C-Accel 1937143, $999,870, PI Chengkai Li (UTA), Senior Personnel Gautam Das, 2019-2020.

7.     Network Analytics via Graph Sampling, AT&T, $120k, PI Gautam Das, 2016-2020. Project funded as part of NSF iPerform I/UCRC Center

8.     Convergence HTF: Workshop on Converging Human and Technological Perspectives in Crowdsourcing Research, NSF-IIS 1744401, $49,124, PI Heng Xu (PSU), Co-PI Senjuti Basu Roy (NJIT), Co-PI Gautam Das, 2017-2018

9.     Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) specializing in Sustainable Computing at UTA, Dept. of Education, $704,385, PI Ishfaq Ahmad, Co-PIs Gautam Das, Leo Fegaras, Ramez Elmasri, Bahram Khalili, Hao Che, Carter Tiernan, 2016-2019

10.  Efficient Analytics over Hidden Online Social Networks, ARO, $450,000 PI Gautam Das (UTA), PI Nan Zhang (GWU), 2015-2018

11.  Analytics-based Interface Transformation for Web Database, QNRF, $900,000, LPI Ali Jaoua (Qatar U), PI Gautam Das (UTA), PI Nan Zhang (GWU), 2014-2017

12.  iPerform - I/UCRC for Assistive Technologies to Enhance Human Performance. NSF IUCRC Phase 1, $517k, PI Fillia Makedon (UTA) and Ovideu Daescu (UTD), Co-PI Gautam Das and others from UTA and UTD, 2014-2019.

13.  Privacy-Preserving Framework for Publishing Electronic Healthcare Records, NSF-SCH, $738,928, PI Heng Huang (UTA) Co-PI Gautam Das (UTA), and in collaboration with PIs from UNT Health Science Center and GWU, 2013-2016.

14.  Inter-Agency Co-opetition via Hidden Web Databases, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, $150,000, PI Gautam Das (UTA), Co-PI Joydeep Ghosh (UT-Austin), Co-PI Byron Gao (Texas State San Marcos), 2010-2013.

15.  EntityEngine: A Query Engine for Entity-Relationship Queries over Web Text, NSF-IIS 1018865, $500,000, PI Chengkai Li (UTA), Co-PI Gautam Das (UTA), 2010-2014.

16.  Suppressing Sensitive Aggregates over Hidden Web Databases, a Novel and Urgent Challenge, NSF-IIS 0916277, $481,891, PI Gautam Das (UTA), PI Nan-Zhang (GWU), 2009-2014.

17.  Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN), Department of Education, $653,280, PI Ishfaq Ahmad (UTA), Co-PI Gautam Das and others (UTA), 2009-2013.

18.  Time Series Subsequence Matching for Content-based Access in Very Large Multimedia Databases, NSF IIS-0812601, $450,000, PI Vassilis Athitsos (UTA), Co-PI Gautam Das (UTA), PI George Kollios (Boston University), 2008-2012.

19.  Data Analytics over Hidden Databases, NSF IIS-0845644, $136,000, PI Gautam Das (UTA), Co-PI Nan Zhang (UTA), 2008-2010.

20.  Data Exploration Research, Microsoft Research, $225,000, 2005-2014. PI Gautam Das (UTA)

21.  Social Networks Mining, Nokia Research, $50,000, 2008-2011. PI Gautam Das (UTA)




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