Medical Imaging and Neuroscientific Discovery Laboratory

Lab stories

Discuss with Dr. Li from Harvard !

10 Jun 2022

On 10 Jun 2022, Dr. Li Xiang from Harvard medical school visited our lab. He presented a wonderful report and discuss research with our lab members.

We are moving !

17 Sep 2018

On 17 Sep 2018, our lab moved from Engineering Research Building to Science and Engineering Innovation and Research Building. Our Lab is located at Room 325. This is a new building which is equipped very well. Hope we can have a better research atmosphere in the new environment.

Ice Cream and We Three !

18 Jan 2019

On 18 Jan 2019, three partners in our lab walked for an hour and finally found the delicious ice cream that Akib strongly recommended! Unfortunately, we are four missing one, professor is not here! Let's go together next time!

ISBI 2019 -- We Are Here !

9 Apr 2019

One paper in our lab were accepted by ISBI 2019. One of our laboratory partners attend the academic conference. This is our poster booth, 39. I hope that our lab can make better and more achievement in the future.

New machines are coming !

9 Mar 2019

The boss bought us some new machines. We waited for a so long time, the new equipment is finally here! Sudheer, one of our laboratory partners, can't restrain his excitement and insist on taking photos with new equipment!

Two papers of our Lab were accepted by MICCAI 2019 !

13-17 Oct 2019

Two papers of Lu Zhang and Akib were accepted by two workshops--MLMI and MMMI respectively, the two workshops were held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2019. Our team attended MICCAI 2019.

Dr. Dajiang Zhu--Session Chair of MICCAI 2019!

13-17 Oct 2019

During MICCAI 2019, Dr. Dajiang Zhu together with Dr. Junzhou Huang from another Lab successfully hosted Oral Session5: Doctoral Symposium.

One paper won Best Paper Award of MMMI!

13-17 Oct 2019

During MICCAI 2019, Akib's paper:"Multi-Modal Image Prediction via Spatial Hybrid U-Net" won Best Paper Award of International Workshop on Multiscale Multimodal Medical Imaging (MMMI 2019),held in Conjunction with MICCAI 2019.!