Assignments and Grading

Homework Assignments:

There will be 6 homework assignments in this course, each covering approximately 6 class periods. Assignments are due in or before class on the date indicated on the assignment and solutions will be posted before the next class period. Late assignments will not be accepted and extensions will only be granted in extreme situations. If you find yourself in such a situation and can not deliver a homework on time, immediately inform the instructor. Also, while working with other persons on non-graded example problems from the textbook is a good way to help you develop your understanding and insight into the techniques of problem solving, homework solutions must be your work only. Violations of this will not be tolerated and result in severe penalties for all parties involved.


All 3 exams in the course are closed book, closed notes. The first 2 exams each cover the content of approximately 2 chapters in the book. The final exam is cumulative and will cover all materials of the course with an emphasis on chapters the later chapters. As in the case of homework extensions, make-up exams will only be given in extreme situations. If for any such reason you can not attend an exam, inform the instructor as early as possible.

At The University of Texas at Arlington, taking attendance is not required but attendance is a critical indicator in student success. Each faculty member is free to develop his or her own methods of evaluating students' academic performance, which includes establishing course-specific policies on attendance. As the instructor of this section, I strongly encourage class attendance. Note that you are responsible for any course content covered in class irrespective of it being in the class notes. However, while UT Arlington does not require instructors to take attendance in their courses, the U.S. Department of Education requires that the University have a mechanism in place to mark when Federal Student Aid recipients begin attendance in a course. UT Arlington instructors will report when students begin attendance in a course as part of the final grading process. Specifically, when assigning a student a grade of F, faculty report the last date a student attended their class based on evidence such as a test, participation in a class project or presentation, or an engagement online via Canvas. This date is reported to the Department of Education for federal financial aid recipients.

Grading Policy:

The final grade will be calculated using the following policy:

Homework Assignments 30 %
Exam 1 - Chapters 1 & 2 20 %
Exam 2 - Chapters 3 & 4 20 %
Exam 3 - Cumulative 30 %