Assignments and Grading

Homework Assignments:

There will be 5 homework assignments and one slightly larger final project in this course. Homework assignments will consist of "mini-project" assignments in which students will work with a particular technology (e.g. sensors) that can be used in smart homes. These mini-projects build upon one another over the semester, but you will be provided with a complete, working solution at the beginning of each new assignment. In addition, there will be one slightly larger final group project.

Programming portions of the assignments have to be submitted in electronic form to

There will be 2 exams that will cover the lecture materials and the homeworks.

Graduate Students:
Homework assignments and exams will have additional problems for graduate students.

Grading Policy:
Homework assignments and exams will contribute to the overall grade in the following way:

Homework Assignments 50 %
Final Project 20 %
Exams 30 %

Manfred Huber