Chengkai Li 

Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The University of Texas at Arlington

Innovative Database and Information Systems
Research Laboratory (IDIR)
Room 628
Engineering Research Building (ERB)
500 UTA Boulevard
Arlington, TX 76019-0015

Office: (817) 272-0162

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Media Coverage

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Gates, Rockefeller, Sloan, Carnegie & Ford Can defeat bad social media. Steve Andriole. Forbes. 2018-08-01.
  2. Automated fact-checking has come a long way. But it still faces significant challenges. Deniel Funke. Poynter. 2018-04-04.
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  8. UTA researchers are refining their automated fact-checking system. University of Texas at Arlington. 2017-08-24.
  9. Professors from UT-Arlington, UT-Dallas join forces to fight fake news. Loyd Brumfield. The Dallas Morning News. 2017-07-20.
  10. How the world gets its facts straight. Dana Wagner. Policy Options, Institute for Research on Public Policy. 2017-07-17.
  11. UTA-led interdisciplinary team to construct computer program to identify fake news. University of Texas at Arlington. 2017-06-12.
  12. SXSW 2017: Embattled Journalism in Focus. Benjamin Bathke. MediaShift. 2017-03-21.
  13. Digital Democracy: government transparency website keeps track of state legislators. Elijah Bassett. Plaid Zebra. 2017-03-06.
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  26. UTA project will bust claims of candidates. Star-Telegram. 2016-02-09.
  27. Graduate students work to help make voting process easier. Brittany Harborth. The Shorthorn. 2016-01-27.
  28. Poynter and Duke to hold conference on automated fact-checking. Alexios Mantzarlis. Poynter. 2016-01-21.
  29. New Software Developed at UTA Tracks Candidates Statements. Julie Fine. NBC 5 News. 2016-01-07.
  30. Text detective can unmask the secret influencers behind US laws. Aviva Rutkin. New Scientist. 2015-11-11.
  31. 20 ideas receive support from Knight Prototype Fund for media and information projects. Eva Pereira. Knight Foundation. 2015-11-03.
  32. Knight Foundation backs 20 media projects with Prototype Fund. Benjamin Mullin. Poynter. 2015-11-03.
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