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CSE 3318 - Homework

There will be no make-up work to improve the homework grade.
Collusion, plagiarism and other forms of cheating will be reported to the Office of Community Standards. Students are urged to review the course syllabus for details on these and other policies.
Each homework solution must be the individual work of the student. Looking up solutions for the entire homework or specific parts of the homework (from a friend, a website or AI_generated) is not allowed and will be considered a violation of the Academic Integrity code. It will be reported to the Office of Community Standards and the grade for that entire homework will be 0. Students who write their own solution but share it, or show it to another student, will also be reported and will receive the penalty as well (grade 0 for that assignment).


There will be 4 to 7 assignments in this course: coding-only, written-only, or mixed .
  • Homework 1 - is posted in Canvas
  • Homework 6 - description and hw6_files.

    Homework submission requirements:

    Late submission

  • See class Syllabus.
  • Exceptions will only be made for documented emergencies, in strict adherence to UTA policy. Computer/network crashes are NOT an acceptable excuse for late submissions. To avoid problems with such crashes and last-minute problems, students are encouraged to submit early. You can always revise your submission till the deadline.