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The live synchronous lectures will be recorded.
The recordings will be in Team -> channel for that meeting->Files tab -> Recordings.

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Lecture Section
Topics, Comments
1. Tu 1/18 notes,
Intro, Syllabus, C review
  • Slides: Course overview
  • leetcode
  • Information about IDE (Code::Blocks and onlinegdb.com) was posted on the Code page under "Coding resources".
  • COMMON ERRORS IN C - WATCH THIS VIDEO (30 minutes). It shows and explains common and tricky C errors related to pointers, arrays, and strings. Use double speed, if you prefer, but DO watch it!
    • In section 001 I started from mistake 7 (starting at minute 1:04:47 in the video recording for 001)
    • In section 002 I started from mistake 6 (starting at minute 1:05:14 in the video recording for 002)
  • Sample code that reads data from a file and processes it:
    examples1.c, data1_sorted.txt, data2_sorted.txt .
2. Th 1/20 video 1
video 2
video 1
video 2
  • If possible, use a computer (ideally with a working camera) for today's meeting. There will be an activity that will be easier to do on a computer. We will also have breakout rooms for you to introduce yourself (with your camera on, if you can) to some classmates and discuss the activity. These activities will NOT be used for a grade or attendance or anything else that will affect your standing in the class. They are simply a way for you to connect to classmates and to make the lecture more engaging. If you miss the lecture, or cannot participate, there will not be any penalty.
  • leetcode - I strongly recommend (but not require) making an account with leetcode. It provides good practice problems for Algortihms and DataStructures. There may be a homework that needs it, but if you prefer not to make an account, we can find an alternative to that (e.g. you submit your code in Canvas as for other hws).
  • worksheet discussed in breakout rooms. Video 1 and video 2 are the recordings before and after the breakout rooms.
3 . Tu 1/25 practice 1 answers,
video 1, video 2
practice 1 answers,
video 1, video 2
  • meet the TAs: See start of lecture (in the first 15 minutes). Hoand and Quynh in 001 video, Ahmed in 002 video.
  • Time Complexity continued
  • Breakout rooms - try the problems and come up with an answer. It is ok if you do not know the solution to all of them. That is what we are learning today, but I want you to think about them first and give your best guess/answer. Text me if you have questions, include your breakout room number.
    Documents: TC-practice in format OneNote, pdf,
  • slides: Time complexity of loops - review AFTER class
Deeply Understanding Logarithms In Time Complexities and Their Role In Computer Science - Video recommended by Robert (Spring 2021)

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