Won Hwa Kim

Cortical Thickness Analysis (CTA) Toolbox


CTA toolbox is a useful tool implemented in Matlab to analyze cortical thickness on brain surfaces from Freesurfer, especially useful for multi-resolutional analysis of cortical thickness on brain surfaces driven from Freesurfer. It is used as an add-on to the Spectral Graph Wavelet Transform toolbox. It provides useful methods implemented in Matlab for deriving Wavelet Multiscale Descriptor (WMD), cortical thickness smoothing using SGWT [1], Multivariate General Linear Model (MGLM), False Discovery Rate (FDR) and so on. Other utilities from other toolboxes are included and referenced as well.



1. Download SGWT toolbox from here and setup SGWT toolbox.
2. Download CTA_toolbox and unzip it.
3. Go to the unzipped folder, and type "addpath('util')" in the Matlab command line.
4. Run demos for examples.


Fig: Cortical thickness discrimination example from CTA_demo2.m. a) raw data, b) smoothing, c) WMD using CTA toolbox.






This research was supported by funding from NIH R01AG040396, NIH R01AG021155, NSF RI 1116584, NSF CAREER grant 1252725, UW ADRC P50 (AG033514), the Wisconsin Partnership Program, UW ICTR (1UL1RR025011), NIH grants P30 AG010129, K01 AG030514.



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2. W. Kim et al, Wavelet based multi-scale shape features on arbitrary surfaces for cortical thickness discrimination, NIPS, 2012.
3. Multi-resolutional Shape Features via Non-Euclidean Wavelets: Applications to Statistical Analysis of Cortical Thickness, NeuroImage, 2014